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We believe in performances that bring about personal and social transformation, that awaken us to our lived experience, highlight the power of encounter and connection, and stretch the shape of our imaginations. We put this into action by creating theatre that involves communities and audience members as active participants, with a focus on applied and immersive theatre. Based in Bucharest, Romania, we also operate internationally, offering workshops and developing theatre productions. A selection of our previous projects can be found here.

Radu Ionescu

Radu Ionescu is a Romanian facilitator of Theatre of the Oppressed and Sensory Labyrinth Theatre. He holds an Honours degree in Applied Drama from Wits University, South Africa, and is a recipient of the Dr John Kani Theatre for Social Change Award. As part of The Republic of the Imagination and Bird-Shaped Theatre, he has worked on various theatre projects, with groups and communities in Europe, Africa and Argentina.

Deidré Denise Matthee is a writer, performer, and psychologist. She has lived and worked in South Africa, Portugal and most recently, Romania, applying performance and expressive arts in a variety of contexts, ranging from academic and therapeutic to artistic and activist. Prior to Bird-Shaped Theatre, she founded GATA (Group for Activism and Transformation through Art) and Picara (creative workshops).

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