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Sensory Labyrinth Theatre

SLT is a form of live immersive performance, developed by Iwan Brioc, in which the audience is invited to experience the piece from within through a sensorial journey devised by the performers.  Participating in SLT brings about a revitalizing of the senses, a vivid sensation of being present, a renewed feeling of connection to oneself and others, and the fostering of community.

Theatre of the Oppressed

Created by Augosto Boal, Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) utilizes theatre as a tool for social change. It comprises an arsenal of techniques, including Image Theatre, Forum Theatre and Rainbow of Desire (which constitute the focus of our workshops), effective for awareness-raising, critical reflection, conflict resolution, community building and illuminating possible strategies for action.

Other Creative Methods

Our workshops also incorporate other applied theatre and expressive arts methods, namely process drama, improvisation, story-making and body-mapping.

All of our workshops are flexible in terms of duration, and the content can be customized according to specific themes or the particular requirements of the group or community with whom we are working.

If you are interested in hosting one of our workshops, please contact us for further details. For information regarding upcoming workshops, follow us on our social media platforms or subscribe below.

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